Why NitroMax Green is better than compressed air


Oxygen Leaks out of tires faster.
  • NitroMax Green maintains tire pressure longer than oxygen.
  • The oxygen molecules in compressed air are smaller and leak out three to four times faster.
  • NitroMax Green generators filter the air we breathe through technically advanced membrane fibers to separate it from oxygen and water vapor.
NitroMax Green nitrogen is no longer prohibitively expensive to produce.
  • In the past, equipment to produce nitrogen was large and expensive.
  • Using the latest technology, NitroMax Green generators produce nitrogen from the air we breathe using compressed air.
  • NitroMax Green generators are simple to install, safe and cost effective.


Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas used to inflate airplane tires, off-road truck tires, military vehicle tires, and race car tires for improved performance. Oxygen in compressed air permeates the tire wall and oxidizes the rubber compounds in the tire, causing under-inflation and deteriorated rubber. Dry nitrogen helps the tire to run cooler by improving consistent tire pressure.


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